Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Snow at Allens Creek

This is it! The first painting I've done of snow, in snow! It was a beautiful sunny morning and the wind was cold. I stood with my back to a hillside to keep out of the chill even though it was about 30 degrees. The shadows in the snow were a joy to paint as they were all purple and blue. I really enjoyed painting this scene and tried to evoke the warm, happy feeling of painting the snow as it melted in the sunshine. This was done in February 2006 at Corbett's Glen.

Summerville Beach in Winter

Once again, painting in January with no snow. This time the subject was the Lake Ontario shore line from Summerville in Irondequoit. Several of us braved the frigid wind that day and went to the Irondequoit Bay Outlet where there is a great marine park and fishing access. The sun was low in the sky, with a soft haze. This view, with it's long purple shadows, seemed to cry out to be painted.

January Sky

This has been a remark-able winter here in Rochester. There has been very little snow and it's been relatively warm. I've been looking forward to painting snow, since I haven't had the chance yet. But the colors and sublties of the winter landscape without snow have been a wonderful change from all of the green of the past summer.

On this day in January 2006, we were at Springdale Farm in Spencerport. I found a beautiful panoramic view of the farm across the street and stood on the side of the road to paint it. No snow, but the colors in the clouds, the intensely blue sky and the soft colors of the land and distant tree-lines were enough to keep me very happy.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

After the Early Harvest

I am lucky enough to have met other people who have some great ideas of places to paint. On this day, we were a farm in Spencerport and the first harvest - peas, had been cleared away. I liked the curve of the field around the big, old tree and the distant tree line at the far edge of the field with it's deep shadows. The soil was freshly tilled and a warm color.

Braddocks Bay Marsh

Back to Braddocks Bay again. This time close to the Marina. The summer gave all kinds of opportunities to get out and see what could be found. I believe this was done in July of 2005.

Calm Waters - Braddocks Heights

I have a great fondness for the Braddocks Bay area. As a child, my mother and her family used to rent a cottage there. My grandma played the piano at a dance hall nearby and of course, there were stories about the trolley that used to go across the mouth of the bay. When I was a teen, my friends and I used to have parties and picnics there. On this day, there was almost no breeze and the sun was warm - a great day to paint.

Not for sale

The Sun Broke Through the Clouds

It was an overcast day at Warner Castle in Highland Park. I had just about finished the painting when the sun broke through the clouds and back-lit the entire scene, filling it with beautiful glowing greens. At first I was dismayed at how everything had changed so dramatically, but then saw how beautiful it was and decided to just go with what I saw.

Warm Summer Breezes

Done in July 2005 while I waited for my kids to have their music lessons. It all came together in 40 minutes and has been an award winner in several shows. Sometimes it feels like someone else is guiding my hand when something comes together so easily.

Snow Clouds Over Brush Creek

It was winter and 10 degrees outside, but I needed to get out and paint. I threw my gear into the car and headed west. I found this beautiful scene in Hamlin, parked my car on the bridge and began to paint. I was so engrossed in the work that I never heard or saw the D.E.C. guy when he stopped to check on me and to make sure I was OK until he had pulled up right beside me and honked his horn. I was in "the zone" - (a term used by painters to describe complete concentration on their painting).


Rhodies Take the Stage

Done in June 2005 at the Rhododendron area of Highland Park. The sky was so clear and such an intense shade of blue, that it cast a blueish tint over everything. It was also very hot. I was in full sun and came home sunburned in all the areas I missed with the sunscreen. The vantage point I was at was on the side of a hill, so I kept sliding out of my chair. I was also severely dehydrated because I'd forgetten to bring my water bottle. When I saw how beautiful the finished painting was though, I decided it was worth all of the difficulties of the process.

This painting was purchased by the wife of a dear friend.

Backyard Sentinals

Usually I paint Monday through Friday, but when a warm and beautiful Saturday in November came up, I grabbed my gear and headed for the backyard. I'm glad I did. It was a perfect day to paint.

Autumn Path

Done in late September 2005 on the side of the road in someplace in Spencerport. I don't know exactly where we were, but the distant tree-line and the haze was too nice to resist painting.

Glorious October

This smaller painting (9"x12") was done at Beatty Point, off Long Pond Road in Greece. Beatty Point is situated on Buck Pond. The morning was very cool and windy, but the colors were spectacular.

painting size 9"x12", matte and framed size 15"x18"

High Falls Haze

"High Falls Haze" was created in early September 2005, the first full day of school for my kids. And although I was missing them, it was a beautiful day to experience not having the worry of what they were up to while I was out painting. This is the first city scene I'd ever done.SOLD