Wednesday, February 22, 2006

January Sky

This has been a remark-able winter here in Rochester. There has been very little snow and it's been relatively warm. I've been looking forward to painting snow, since I haven't had the chance yet. But the colors and sublties of the winter landscape without snow have been a wonderful change from all of the green of the past summer.

On this day in January 2006, we were at Springdale Farm in Spencerport. I found a beautiful panoramic view of the farm across the street and stood on the side of the road to paint it. No snow, but the colors in the clouds, the intensely blue sky and the soft colors of the land and distant tree-lines were enough to keep me very happy.

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Alicia said...

Aunt Colette,
I really think that this one is incredible! WOAH! I love the lines that draw my eye across the piece, and the sky is really beautiful. I'm so happy you've gotten back into your art!