Tuesday, January 31, 2006

En Plein Air

En Plein Air comes from French meaning "in the open air". I am a plein air painter. I work on location, outdoors, in any kind of weather. I love working in this manner. Somehow, all of the conditions around me come together and are translated onto paper. The whole sensory experience comes through. The weather can be hot, cold, sunny, rainy, snowy or windy, but it all comes together on paper and becomes art.

Sometimes the distractions can be tough. Working out in public can make concentration difficult , but most of the time I enjoy hearing the comments. I like talking to anyone interested enough to stop and chat, especially kids. I enjoy answering their questions. They seem so interested by the whole process and I think they are fascinated watching someone creating art right before their eyes.

My medium is pastel. The colors and tactile experience with pastels is exciting to me. I can achieve so much with them. Pastel is a happy way to combine of my love of drawing with my desire to work quickly with color. I am able to use them to capture the whole experience of the scene I'm painting.

I'm a lifelong resident of Rochester, New York and I have a real love of the area and it's scenery. My family history is closely tied here, too. I have heard many stories over the years about the places I now choose to paint. I'd like to believe that fondness comes through, as I recall the stories I've heard from my parents when I'm painting.

I believe I am the luckiest person in the world. I am able to go out and to create in an area I love, using the tools I enjoy. What can be better that that? Thanks, Dave!

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patronofthearts said...

A Wonderful body of work by an artist whose modesty belies an enormous talent.