Saturday, November 15, 2008

Indian Summer on the Erie Canal

I'd visited Perinton Park awhile ago, with the intentions of coming back to paint there sometime down the road. A particularly warm day last week proved to be the perfect day to paint there, as the warmth of the late morning created beautiful blue haze which was especially noticeable as I looked toward the south. SOLD

Wyoming County View from Durfee Road

Wyoming County has some spectac- ular views. This was done high on the hill over- looking the valley from Durfee Road, off Rt. 19. It's the first large (18"x24") painting I've done en plein air, and that's a lot of area to cover in a 2-3 hour span of time.  In Wyoming, NY.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a Week!

This has been a great week for me. First of all, the weather was beautiful and I was able to paint two days in a row, and any day I can get out to paint is a really good day. Second, I was in two shows, which is great because I like to be busy and getting things ready for a show is a lot of work. Third, I won several awards in those shows.

In the Suburban Rochester Art Group's show at the Mall at Greece Ridge Center, I won Best of Show for "Spring Green" and First Place for pastels for "Tall and Proud", in addition to an honourable mention. I am very proud since this is the first time I have ever won Best of Show in any show. The competition in this group is especially tough because fellow plein air painter Chris O'Handley is in this organization and his work is beautiful.

In the Rochester Art Club's Fall show at Barnes and Noble in Pittsford Plaza, I won a Merit Award for "Waiting for Spring". Rochester Art Club is a very tough show. It's hard to even get into the club, let alone have work accepted into their show or to win any kind of award. Over 120 paintings were submitted to this show and only 14 received awards. I feel very honoured that all of the paintings I submitted got into the show and that I won an award to boot. This show will continue to be up until the end of November.

Overall this has been a wonderful week for me. I am very grateful.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just Passing Through

At 18"x24", this is a very large (for me) painting and it was not done en plein air. I would consider this to be a studio painting, While I painted it outside in my backyard, I actually used a photo of a tree I took on the trip home from Lewiston as reference. The rest of it came from my imagination.

Roses in Maplewood Garden

I began this painting 2 summers ago, but had to leave the park before it was finished after getting a call from one of my kids. I held onto the painting for 2 years and finally went back to the same spot this past June and completed this painting. I am dedicating this painting to fellow artist Barbara Muratore who stood painting next to me the first time I was there, but who has since then passed away.

size 12"x18", framed size is 18"x24"
Paintings come matted and framed under glass, ready for hanging.

Sparkling Trees in Scottsville

This simple scene in Scottsville captured my attention right away as I was looking for a place to set up. It was pretty warm and windy though. My easel has a habit of loosening up over time, making my drawing board bounce around in the wind. Very frustrating! As the morning progressed the backlighting on the trees became just beautiful.

size 12"x18", framed size is 18"x24"
Paintings come matted and framed under glass, ready for hanging.